Saturday, February 27, 2010


Today is a day to celebrate! The 27th of February is considered the start of the Tea party by many. The idea started way before that but since that day several key elections have been or will be decided because of the movement. RINO Leftist Dade Scozzafava's hopes of voting with the Demonrats was capsized when by the tea party support of Doug Hoffman. In Florida, conservative Marco Rubio has come from being 30 points down to RINO governor Charlie Crist only a few months ago to now poll 1 points ahead.

In a little over a year, the Tea Party Movement has grown from an idea to a mighty national army of citizens on the move that is striking terror in the black hearts of charlatans, liars and thieves on both sides of the aisle. A mighty army with no generals, just We the People.

A thousand lies cannot defeat one truth and that one great truth is that a vast left wing conspiracy cannot stop it. The idea that We the People are waking up from our lethargy and complacency and we have had enough and we want our country back. We have had enough of the lies and promises of a socialist utopia and like our founders, we choose Liberty.

All across the land, Tea Party groups have sprung up like mushrooms after a spring rain. The Movement is growing daily and its influence is being felt in the halls of government. Career politicians are opting to retire rather than be embarrassed at the polls in November. Still others are trying to move back to the center. After the decisive and surprising win in Massachusetts, the power of the Tea Party Movement cannot be ignored.

Both political parties have been corrupted by greed and the lust for power. Neither the GOP or the Democrat party resemble the party of our fathers. Over the past few decades, the Constitution has all but been fed into the shredder and our Federal Government is out of control. The only thing stopping big government from doing whatever they want and taking whatever they want, is public opinion.

The Tea Party Movement is still grass roots, small and compartmentalized. In thousands of towns around the country, people are at their kitchen tables with their children making signs and banners. Millions of our neighbors are on the phone, texting and emailing the information. The Tea Party is not a third party nor does it plan to be. While totally grassroots, the tea party has momentum, principles and they vote. Politicians from both parties have become intoxicated on power and are willing to sell their souls to the highest bidder to stay in power.

Today is another small milestone in our country's history but a giant leap for mankind. We the people are taking our country back. Forget what party your family has always been and remember that we are all Americans first. We can all agree of some basic ideas; Fiscal Responsibility, stop spending my grandkids money, Limited Government, let the people decide what we need, and a Free Market, let the natural laws of supply and demand operate without restrictions or subsidies. Let the small business entrepreneur loose to grow and to prosper.

I urge anyone interested in the future of our Republic to get involved. Click on the Tea Party Search in the right column and get with a group. If you don't understand what this is all about, welcome to the club. Most of us have had to re-learn basic civics lessons. Ask questions, they have answers and there are those who are willing to mentor recovering victims of a public school education.

Things to do today:

Get off your donkey and get involved. Contact a Tea Party group in your area.

Read "RINO's Circling The Wagons Against Tea Party" by Angry White Dude.

Read "Nullification Laws" by J.D. Longstreet at the American Tea Party.

A MUST read is the Liberty Defense League. Dr. Chuck Baldwin and son, Timothy write wonderful and informative articles about our relationship with the Constitution. An invaluable learning resource.

Listen to this while you read.

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