Monday, July 26, 2010

DC Declares War On States

Chuck Baldwin July 21, 2010

Among the limited duties of the US Government enumerated in the federal Constitution is Article. IV. Section. 4. “The United States shall guarantee to every State in this Union a Republican Form of Government, and shall protect each of them against Invasion.” However, for several decades now, the federal government in Washington, D.C., has shown great ambition and propensity to engage in activities to which it was never authorized, and to ignore those responsibilities with which it is specifically charged. The responsibility of the federal government to protect each State against invasion is a classic example of the latter.

Can anyone deny that the states on the US southern border (California, Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas) are being invaded by an ongoing onslaught of illegal aliens (many of whom are violent and dangerous criminals)? Somewhere between 12 and 30 million illegals now reside in the US. The entire country is feeling the effects of this invasion, but the Border States are literally under siege. And not only does the federal government do nothing to protect the states against this invasion, it actively wars against states such as Arizona when they attempt to protect themselves. Yes, I am saying it: the Washington, D.C., lawsuit against the State of Arizona’s immigration laws should be regarded as an act of war against the State of Arizona in particular, and against the states general in principle.

Please consider what Arizona and the other Border States are dealing with. According to published reports:

• In Los Angeles, 95% of all outstanding warrants for homicide in the first half of 2004 (which totaled 1,200 to 1,500) targeted illegal aliens. Up to two-thirds of all fugitive felony warrants (17,000) were for illegal aliens.

• Some private reports state that 83% of warrants for murder in Phoenix and 86% of warrants for murder in Albuquerque, New Mexico, are for illegal aliens. These reports cannot be verified, of course, because the feds discourage law enforcement agencies from releasing such statistics.

• At any given time, up to 75% of those on the most wanted list in Los Angeles, Phoenix, and Albuquerque are illegal aliens.

• 23% of all inmates in LA County detention centers are “deportable.”

• LA police estimate that violent gangs, such as MS-13 and 18th Street Gang, are “overwhelmingly” composed of illegal aliens.

To read one very enlightening testimony given before Congress by an expert on illegal immigration containing some of the above information (and much more), go here:

In addition, the Pew Hispanic Center (an organization friendly to all things Hispanic) reports that by 2007, “nearly one-quarter (24%) of all federal convictions” involve illegal aliens. And “among those sentenced for immigration offenses in 2007, 80% were Hispanic.” The PHC went on to report that illegal Hispanics “represented 29% of all federal offenders.”

See the report at:

Remember, too, that illegal aliens murder (on average) 12 American citizens EVERY DAY in the United States. That means illegals murder more Americans EVERY YEAR than in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan COMBINED, TO DATE. Plus, illegal aliens who drive drunk kill an additional 13 Americans EVERY DAY.

See the following report:

At this point, I will not again chronicle the financial costs and job losses exacted upon the American taxpayers by these invading illegals, but I encourage you to read a previous column I wrote on this subject. See it here:

Plus, my web site contains an exhaustive page dealing with the problems and costs of the ongoing invasion by illegal aliens against this country. See it at:

Add to the above the blatant rhetoric and public statements of activists within radical Hispanic revolutionary groups such as La Raza that incessantly call for the “reconquista” of the southwestern United States, and one can easily discern that the invasion by (mostly) Mexicans in the US is much more than “poor people trying to find a better life.” There is some of that going on, of course, but the invasion also includes violent criminal gang members, drug dealers, human traffickers, rogue government troops, and covert provocateurs who are attempting to destabilize US cities and states, promote crime and violence, disrupt honest elections, and even facilitate revolution against the American citizenry.

And what does the Barack Obama administration do? Instead of obeying the Constitution and helping to protect the State of Arizona (and the other Border States), it sues the State of Arizona for trying to protect itself. Again, by this action, has not Washington, D.C., declared war against the State of Arizona (and, by implication, the other 49 independent, sovereign states)?

Please understand: Arizona Governor Jan Brewer and her allies in the Arizona legislature are not only defending their State, they are working to protect every State in the Union. Very obviously, the line is being drawn in the sand against a federal leviathan that increasingly shows blatant disregard for not only its own responsibilities and duties, but for the rights and freedoms of the individual sovereign states, and for the American citizenry as a whole.

And for those misguided Christians and pastors out there who are prone to defend and facilitate this invasion of illegal aliens in the name of Christian compassion, I would like to remind them of the words of our Lord, who said, “Verily, verily, I say unto you, He that entereth not by the door into the sheepfold, but climbeth up some other way, the same is a thief and a robber.” (John 10:1 KJV) Thus, our Savior plainly categorizes illegal aliens (or anyone who refuses to enter through a door–or across a border–honestly) as thieves and robbers. Unfortunately, many are also rapists, murderers, violent drug dealers, and slave merchants.

If Barack Obama had even a smidgen of honesty and integrity, instead of attacking the people of the State of Arizona for simply trying to defend themselves against a very real and dangerous foreign invasion, he would take seriously his responsibility to help protect them against this invasion, which Article IV. Section. 4. of the US Constitution clearly requires him to do.

Sunday, July 4, 2010


A Commentary by J. D. Longstreet


We have HAD IT … with the politicians running the US government today! To narrow it down, a bit, we are writing, most specifically, about the Socialist-Democrats in Congress and the Socialist-Marxist in the White House.

We, the American people, have been shut out of our own government. Legislation is now made behind closed doors, as our Congresspersons and Senators cut themselves off from the very folks they swore to represent.

Their arrogance and condescension is nauseating. Anyone questioning them is at risk of being made a fool of, in public, before his friends and neighbors. How DARE we question our “betters?”

They blatantly go against the will of the American people by passing laws that are flat-out against the American will.

They refuse to defend the country from those stealing across its borders to take up residence, illegally, and begin sucking up every dollar possible from the people’s treasury, which is administered by the same socialist-democrats who then swear they are doing everything they can do to secure the border. That, dear reader is a LIE!

Our current government consists of socialists, Marxists, communists, progressives, and a handful of pitiful, completely malleable, liberals, as well as the RINOS from the right side of the aisle. THESE are the people taking the United States down the tube to that vast sewer of failed socialist nations whose citizens bought the scam lock, stock, and barrel – just as the millions of na├»ve, hopelessly vacuous, elites from the political left are doing now, today, with the propaganda spewed forth by the legions of Obama supporters hell bent on crushing the American Constitutional Republic.

They MUST bring about the total collapse of America in order for them to remold America into a socialist/marxist/communist police state – a nightmare for freedom-loving people EVERYWHERE.

The freedom-loving people in the US had had it. They are shouting to Washington, and to the world, that they have had enough of American-style socialism and are taking a stand against it.

Unemployment in America continues to hover around ten percent. The stock market seems to have taken a plunge that may yet prove fatal to the national economy.

The national debt is soaring while Congress continues to spend wildly, having closed their ears to pleas from their constituents to stop the spending, and the borrowing, that will keep us in debt for generations of unborn Americans in the future.

Americans are angry – angrier than I have ever seen them in my nearly seven decades on the planet. They believe, and rightly so, their government is out of control. The facts certainly seem to bear them out.

A number of national grassroots movements (the best known is the Tea Party) have spread across America, like wildfire, as Americans, afraid of losing their country band together to fight for the preservation of their freedom and liberty and their constitutional republic.

The battle cry is “ENOUGH!”

Enough taxes.

Enough spending.

Enough borrowing.

We have had ENOUGH of their elitist arrogance.

We are sick to death of the left’s limp-wristed political correctness. Again, we say, ENOUGH!

Enough of the Globalists “Open Borders” policy! We want our borders secured. (And Obama can forget about amnesty for Illegal Aliens – unless, of course, he does it as a king would do it, as a dictator would do it: by executive order.)

We have had enough of the Democrat Party’s socialism/Marxism, communism, statism, collectivism, and progressivism in the Congress AND in the Oval Office.

We are fed up! We will not tolerate being pushed around by our very own government -- the one WE elected at the ballot box!

Again, and again, and again, we say: ENOUGH!

Understand, dear reader, WE ARE AMERICANS, DAMNIT! AMERICANS DO NOT TOLERATE THIS KIND OF GOVERNMENT! It is a threat to our liberty! It is a threat to our Freedom! It is a clear and present danger to our republic!

We MUST begin now to fight back -- all the way to the ballot box this coming November. We MUST purge our Congress of as many socialists, communists, Marxists, collectivists, Statists, progressives, and yes, liberals as are offered to us on the ballots.

We have NO CHOICE if America is to be rescued – if America is to be saved!

J. D. Longstreet

Saturday, July 3, 2010


The genesis for this piece came as the result of a misunderstanding between myself and an associate. During a conversation they made a dramatic reaction to my statement to the effect, "I don't give any attention to mainstream media because I don't need the propaganda." After the reaction, I asked, "You aren't a bleeding liberal, are you?" To which they replied that I was all hung up on labels.

I then decided that I had better come up with a better reason as to why I didn't care much for liberals. Just saying, "They're a bunch of Jerks," or "They are all a bunch of ass holes," wasn't going to get it. The following is my effort.

( Or A Piss Ant Manifesto )

I assure you that I am not playing a game nor am I engaged in some ideological flight of fantasy. I have little time left and none of it for nonsense and games. As far as labeling goes, in my limited understanding of communication, not only my native language, but most of the languages of the world use words and word symbols to label and signify people, places and things. Aren’t labels used by the so-called “liberals” in an attempt to shame and identify those with whom they disagree? I seem to recall “Bigot”, “Redneck”, and “Fascist” being favorites. These words usually only meant “you are in our way and your ideas don’t count”.

In the interest of fairness, it is important to note that both the left and the right are guilty of manipulation of the language. None of these guys are innocent. The essence of the problem and the true offence is the utter contempt in which they hold for us.

Why do I dislike Liberals so much? For the same reason that I dislike hypocrites, phonies and frauds. Even criminals hate a liar and a thief. Before I go any further I need to clarify my understanding of the term used to distinguish people with a liberal ideology. When we look at the dictionary definition (thank you very much), of a liberal we are told that they are favorable to progress or reform. In reality the professed liberals work tirelessly to destroy and dismantle the fabric of society. The dictionary goes on; “favoring freedom of actions, open minded, tolerant, generous and in favor of maximum individual freedom secured by governmental protection of civil liberties.” Sounds pretty good, right? What’s not to like here? Perhaps the folks that I dislike intensely have been mislabeled. Are they Leftists? Marxist? Socialist? You think?

Let’s look at the behavior of these lost souls. They campaign, protest and lobby for tolerance of their beliefs and life-styles while working equally hard to destroy the life-style and belief system of those with which they disagree. For example:
A. Removal of all references to a supreme deity from any public place. The “liberals” have been successful in making it almost impossible to celebrate Christmas without censure in the name of not offending non-Christians while at the same time have made it possible for all forms of deviant behavior to parade before the public.

B. Liberal democracy a form of government based on limited majority rule. I guess that I must be a little dense on this one, how can it be termed a democracy and limit the will of the majority? I guess that explains why a relatively small segment of society can dictate school policy, federal mandates, state and local laws and impact the lives of the majority.

C. While claiming to be open minded, the “liberal” will reject and attempt to prohibit any and all expression of thought that is not part of their liberal ideology. They have made it possible for one to open an adult book store (porn store) within sight of a church or school but if anyone protests, they are in danger of being prosecuted for hate speech.

D. Freedom of religion has been perverted into freedom from religion. No prayer in school, that is no Judeao Christian prayer to be exact. Special accommodations are made for the frequent daily prayers of the followers of Islam.

E. I have often wondered how the liberals could justify and reconcile killing a baby as it was being born in the afternoon and then stand outside a prison all night for a candle light vigil to protest the execution of a convicted and admitted murderer. I now think I understand, they identify and relate to the murderer, they are kindred spirits. That was too easy. How could I have missed something that obvious?

My God, why can’t they see the results of their defective belief system and ill-conceived actions? Have they not been exposed to the history of the world? They do not seem to have the faintest understanding of natural law. They appear completely ignorant to the realities of cause and effect and seem to blatantly ignore the fact that ALL actions have consequences. If they could only be made to see the unintended consequences in all of these liberal actions. But that would require developing a manner of living that demanded rigorous honesty.

Liberals tend to fall into two categories: the ignorant and the evil. They both hide in the gray areas. Their ideology is not based on or backed by facts. Too general and simplistic you might say. Well, when you shine enough light on something there are no shadows. When you strip away the rhetoric etc. etc. everything is simple and specific. If one has a clear view and the mind is not clouded by erroneous and misguided thinking, there are no gray areas and everything becomes binary, True or false, black or white, yes or no. Remove all the rhetorical nonsense and illogical thinking and it is all true or false.

“Liberals” have a sound bite ideology but have no philosophy. *

Let’s first look at the first of these two categories; the ignorant. These unfortunate people have been seduced into a pattern of thinking that allows them to believe that they know what is best for everyone else. They seem to believe that personal liberty absolves them from any personal accountability. These so called “liberals” have sound bite ideology but have no philosophy. They work hard for change in the lives of others while striving to insure that their life is not affected. When questioned about their ideology, rather than respond with a coherent idea or concept they usually react by blaming Bush, the GOP, FOX News or the Oil Companies for all their misery. They whine on endlessly about utopia and how it ought to be and don’t have a clue about the realities of cause and effect. They much prefer to regurgitate the latest talking points generated by the NPR, Harry Reid and that deep thinker, Stuart Smalley. All hat and no cattle. This bunch of folks are really dangerous to the very fabric of society because they mean well and don’t have a clue, like a four year old in a crowded room with a loaded shotgun.

The second grouping is much easier to describe while being much more difficult to identify. Evil is always cunning, seductive and sly. These individuals know exactly what it is that they intend to accomplish. They are the elitists that intend to control and enslave all of humanity. They masquerade in the guise of “social liberals”. Do you need a history lesson for examples?

The liberal (or leftist or socialist) ideology promotes the assumption of self-assertion while tearing down the ideals of self-control or self-accountability. There is no error greater than that species of self-deception, which leads intelligent beings to crave the exercise of power over other beings for the purpose of depriving these persons of their natural liberties. The golden rule of human fairness cries out against all such fraud, unfairness, and selfishness. How dare anyone to encroach on the rights of their fellows in the name of promoting a self-serving “Liberal agenda”.

I hope that my rambling response in some way explains my behavior and perhaps give you a window into my personal philosophy. I am firm in my convictions and will remain loyal to my principles. I frankly do not know where you stand on these issues for we have never had “that discussion”. At least you now have a better idea of where I stand.

I will close with this offering: Reject any idea, concept or program that is not consistent with Goodness, Truth, and Beauty. This is a foolproof yardstick for evaluating any and all human thought and endeavor. Is it true? Is it Good? And is it Beautiful? If the answer to any of the questions is no or I’m not sure, then the idea being considered has not measured up and should be rejected.

* I also want to acknowledge the creative input of my Bro. Dave. He made the comment about the liberal’s lack of a philosophy that was the seed for this epistle. Any time that I have needed to do any serious digging, he has always been there to hold the light.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

A Confederacy of Dunces

Send in the clowns

FDR once said "In politics, nothing happens by accident. If it happens, you can bet it was planned that way."

The parties take turns sharing power and we think that things will be better. The political parties of a few decades ago, no longer exist. And in the last few decades we have seen the national debt spiral out of control, we have watched millions of jobs leave the US leaving us with massive unemployment. The list of high crimes and misdemeanors perpetrated by officials in high places is endless. And still, we have continued to vote lock step with the our chosen party.

But let us pause a moment and have a reality check. During the time when all of the "suits" in the picture were in office, we have been on a steady downward slide to the position we find ourselves in today. All have gone on record of vowing to stop America's dependence on foreign oil and our consumption has increased by billions of gallons. All have sworn to uphold the Constitution. All have pledged to serve We The People. During their reign we have had American Citizens held hostage for 444 days, entered into 5 wars, decreased our military, increased taxes, suffered numerous terrorist attacks and have watched our Constitution fed into the shredder.

It is my belief that within our government and its collective agencies there are truly venal and evil people, men and women who will stop at nothing to maintain hold on their power and control. They are as surely as evil as any of the despots in the history of the world. They crave the exercise of power over other beings for the purpose of depriving these persons of their natural liberties. To them, our lives mean nothing.

The forces of evil are so close to setting up their totalitarian rule in the United States that they are almost ready to throw off all pretense of legality and openly declare themselves. They can see the brass ring of power and total control almost within their grasp. Like a giant cancer their insidious evil influence has spread throughout in the gut of our great nation. Every branch of the government has been corrupted. It would appear that someone is behind the scene, pulling the strings.

We have just four months until, what might be the most important election in our life time. It is time we forget all party ties and focus on the individual qualifications of the candidate. What have they done? How have they voted in the past? Do they truly support Constitutionally Limited Government, Fiscal Responsibility and Free Markets? Until we can focus on the real issues and stop trying to vote like grandpa, we are just going to be in for more of the same.

But that's just my opinion.......