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April 24, 2010


A Free Press For An Oppressed People      April 24, 2010


The once great star of the cartoon series, "Tweedy and Sylvester" spoke with reporters today in a rare public appearance for the reclusive star. Tweedy is best known for his signature line, "I taut I taw a puddy tat!" Today, Tweedy is, like so many actors, aged and a mere shadow of their former selves and living in near poverty conditions. And like so many older citizens, Tweedy too, has become cynical and bitter. Tweedy agreed to this rare interview to voice concerns and grievances over the new Obamacare.

"Dah lyin' muddreless somsabiches, da mess wid-dah ol folks! Da cut my Social squirty chek and den dey gets a raise and dey wants us ol folk ta jus die and go away. You take da no good wortless piece of dog dirt Obamacare and stick it where da sun don't chine!"

Much of the interview was a repeat of the same complaints and Tweedy would frequently doze off. Tweedy was visibly weakened from a poor diet and advanced years. When asked when was the last time a hot meal was served, Tweedy said, "Da food here is chit, be it hot or cold. Meals on wheels comes by wit hot chocolate and some cookies twice a week. Dats the best dey is and it's chit too!"

We wish there were some way to cheer up Tweedy and others in that situation but with the 260 billion cut back from the Social Security Fund and the lack of health care to seniors we can only hope that Tweedy can go peacefully in sleep.

Friday, April 23, 2010


Before I start poking him with that pitchfork, I must salute him for serving in Viet Nam and not bugging out to Canada or England, like Slick Willie Clinton. He was shot down and captured, imprisoned and tortured by the Viet Cong. As a former POW, he deserves our respect and gratitude. Now, having said that, I can get to what I want to say. Having been shot down in 1973 and spending 5.5 years in captivity does not give anyone a free pass for the rest of their life, nor does it erase our collective memories of past behaviors.

Years ago, when I first became aware of John McCain, my first impression of him was to compare him to the character in the film Manchurian Candidate. The Manchurian Candidate was a novel written by Richard Condon. It was also made into a movie in 1962 and again in 2004. It is about the son of a political family in the US who has been brainwashed after being kidnapped and taken to Manchuria. John McCain's father and grandfather were both four star Navy Admirals and like the character in the story, John entered political life on his release from prison in North Viet Nam.

The self-proclaimed maverick politician, John McCain, has made a carrier of working both sides of the aisle and well as both sides of the issue du jure. He has repeatedly reversed his professed positions and compromised purported core principles. He has changed sides as the political conditions dictated. Some might suspect, all to stay in power and further a progressive agenda.

McCain, who has set the standard for flip-flops with no less than ten acrobatic flips in two weeks. Even John Kerry is envious of this record. McCain has retreated from, upended or just forgotten positions he once claimed as his own.

In recent days, in his fight to stay in office, McCain, once the champion of amnesty legislation and for a fast track path to citizenship for undocumented immigrants, is now pushing for a crackdown on illegals. Our country is being flooded by illegal aliens from all parts of the globe as well as Latin America. Now that illegal immigration is a hot emotional issue for Arizonans, Flipper, is doing back flips in the hopes that the people of Arizona will be dazed by his gymnastics and forget all the waffles he has served up in his over two decades as senator.

When he lies, his jaw starts to swell.

During his failed bid for the White House in 2008, McCain made it clear that he had distanced himself from the conservative wing of his party. Now, he claims to be a "born-again" conservative, wanting to repeal Roe v. Wade, Don't ask - Don't tell, and calls for the restoration of State's Rights.

I don't have a vote in the upcoming Arizona election and don't know that much about his opponent, Mr. J. D. Hayworth, but I do believe almost anyone would be an improvement over McCain.

Unless we are suffering from a collective amnesia we can't ignore the established facts of McCain's carrier of playing to the leftist media and flipping whichever way the political wind blows. What we don't know about the "Real McCain" is what he genuinely stands for. And like the Manchurian Candidate, he seems to always have a hidden agenda.

Saturday, April 17, 2010


The unchallenged and undisputed reigning king of the hypocrites, the former President Bill Clinton had the temerity to sermonize Americans yesterday. The master of lies and deceit warned of the slippery slope of angry anti-government rhetoric. Mr. "what Is, is" had the gall to pound the podium and point at We the People and say, "the words we use really do matter."

I have been really lax in keeping up with postings for this blog for a variety of reasons, mainly I was growing weary of finding new ways of saying that we are in deep doo-doo and our acting president is a commie/socialist/muslum/liar. I have not been inspired to write anything, sorry! If I were a real writer I could blame it on writers block or some such excuse.

Then this morning, while I was perusing the Drudge Report I saw this picture of the "Slickster" and curiosity got the best of me. I knew that he and James Carville had teamed up to launch a dirty tricks campaign on the Tea Party Movement and was looking for the real reason for his deep concern for truth, justice and the American way. After I read it I was really steamed and knew what I wanted to say. I am much calmer now and will attempt to say it in a more polite and civil manner, after all, "the words we use really do matter."

Read the article:

As usual, the "Slippery One" delivered a masterpiece performance and a sermonette that would have made Elmer Gantry embarrassed. Using the technique that has been labeled "Clintonesque," he managed to dish out praise and make belittling remarks in the same comment. "I'm glad they're fighting over health care and everything else. Let them have at it. But I think that all you have to do is read the paper every day to see how many people there are who are deeply, deeply troubled," he said.

The propaganda master goes on to say; "What we learned from Oklahoma City is not that we should gag each other or that we should reduce our passion for the positions we hold - but that the words we use really do matter, because there's this vast echo chamber, and they go across space and they fall on the serious and the delirious alike. They fall on the connected and the unhinged alike."

I totally get it. I knew when I started to read Clinton's comments that it would anger me. I knew that his remarks would be aimed at casting anyone protesting against the government as "delirious" and "unhinged" and therefore dangerous.

He besmirched the Tea Party Movement when he alluded to the anti-government tea party movement, which held protests in several states Thursday, April 15. At the Washington rally, Republican Rep. Michele Bachmann of Minnesota railed against "gangster government."Make that all 50 states, Mr. Ex-president.

The truck bombing of the Federal Building in Oklahoma City was a horrendous crime and a despicable act by any standards. The actions of a deranged individual, Timothy McVeigh, was in direct response to the Waco massacre where the Clinton Whitehouse ordered the slaughter of 82 men, women and children. The same administration that sanctioned the assignations of women and children at Ruby Ridge. Anyone who cares to study the personal history of William Jefferson Clinton will find a trail of mysterious death that run from Washington D.C. to Mena, AR., from Ruby Ridge to Waco.

I whole heartedly agree, "words really do matter" but so do actions. We the People are angry at our "gangster government" for their total disregard for the Constitution that they are sworn to follow and protect. We are angry at the corruption and greed that has become the warp and woof of the fabric of the Federal Government. We are incensed that elected officials hold We the People is such contempt. We are angry that our elected servants no longer represent the people but serve special interests and our protests fall on deaf ears.

I do find some consolation in reading the smear article about Mr. Bill's comments, it proves to me that the Tea Party Movement is starting to get under their skin. I hope that we continue like a swarm of chiggers to get under their skin until we make their life miserable!

And I don't mean that in no bad way, after all, words do matter.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Guests of Vlad the Impaler

Greetings dear reader,

I have been under the weather and not up to my usual caustic curmudgionness. (It's ok, I think I just made a word.) I have been less than inspired and have resorted to referring to the insightful writing of others. Thanks for your patients and enjoy the substitutions.

Dear Reader:

This is the kind of writing that makes Alan Caruba stand out from the multitude of Conservative commentators in the press and on the Internet today. Alan is insightful. He probes deeper than most. Plus, his wit is as sharp as a double-edged sword.

Alan’s abilities as a wordsmith are unsurpassed. Once you read his article below, I’ll bet you will agree with me – and -- be ready to add a few superlatives, describing Mr. Caruba’s writings, yourself.

Alan has studied Mr. Obama and his administration and with the accuracy of a laser is able to cut through the layers upon layers of propaganda to offer his readers an analysis of the Obama Administration unmatched anywhere else on the web.

We are proud to offer the piece below to our readers, especially during this time of tribulation in America.

Please scroll down and read Mr. Caruba’s comments below.


J. D. Longstreet


Guests of Vlad the Impaler

By Alan Caruba


Lately I have been reading and hearing a lot of psychoanalysis of Barack Hussein Obama and it reflects a growing need by pundits and regular folks to figure him out.
The reason is obvious. We are all now the guests of Vlad the Impaler, version 2.0.
As several million unemployed already know, he doesn’t give a rat’s patoot about what it’s like to not have a salary, not have health care coverage, and not be able to make the mortgage or car payment.

Having been abandoned by his birth father, his step-father, and finally by his mother, Barack figured out how to bottle up all that anger, put on a happy face, and pay back America for failing him.
Obama has lived a virtually invisible life whereby no one who ever attended college with him recalls him. He taught at the University of Chicago and not one student has ever come forward to acknowledge having been in one of his classes. Among the friends he did choose, all shared a common theme of hatred for America. If there is a paper trail, it has been carefully sequestered, out of reach, sealed.

Less than a year and a half into his first and, hopefully, last term, all the polls including those of the mainstream media show that people don’t merely “disapprove” of his performance in office, they are seriously worried whether he should even be in office.

If you don’t like America, Barack Hussein Obama knows exactly how you feel and why.
All this was on display throughout the campaign, up to and including delusions of grandeur and omnipotence that in any other setting would have instantly identified him as a mental case. “Yes, we can” shouted the crowd.
What they got, however, was the biggest collection of left-wing nut-jobs one could gather in one spot; most of them designated “czars” and exempt from any investigation by Congress.

Communists, dedicated socialists, weird “scientists” who think reducing the population is the only way to save the Earth; others who think we should abandon all the traditional and known energy sources that keep the lights on and the cars rolling in favor of windmills, solar panels; and bicycles. You know, crazy people!
We got a kind of machine politics that hasn’t been seen in Washington, D.C. since the early days and years of the Franklin D. Roosevelt administration when the Great Depression so frightened people they were willing to watch the federal government expand in ways that were never intended. From time to time, the Supreme Court would staunch the flood of horrid legislation. FDR’s answer was to try to “pack” the court by expanding it.
Today, we have witnessed a Democrat-controlled Congress that just passed a huge “reform” of the nation’s healthcare industries, effectively destroying the relative handful of insurance companies that provided coverage.

With healthcare now under government control and virtually every other commercial and financial activity to suffer the same fate, it is only time before everyone will be issued an ID card to control everything one does.
Where in the Constitution is the federal government authorized to literally own an automobile manufacturer destroyed by its own unions? An insurance company that was so big it was not allowed to fail despite billions in bad transactions? Why, in fact, is the federal government in the business of buying and selling housing mortgages?

For most of the beginning of his first year in office, Obama was everywhere on television, granting interviews to reporters who listened in amazement at his detachment from the reality of the economy. “Are you punch drunk?” asked Steve Kroft of Sixty Minutes. Bret Beir of Fox News fought to keep him focused on the questions being asked.
People swiftly noticed he could not speak extemporaneously. Without the Tele-Prompters, he lost the aura of being all knowing and all seeing. It became a joke. A response to a simple question about taxes recently elicited a rambling 17-minute “answer” that made everyone listening wonder why he could not deliver a simple answer.
And then there are the critical, unanswered questions that will not go away.

Where was he born? Hawaii? Okay, but his father was a British subject, a citizen of Kenya, so rule out his eligibility to be president. Why won’t he produce a real birth certificate? Why are his university records unavailable? What nation’s passport did he travel on when he visited, of all places, Pakistan? Questions, questions, questions.
There is the growing fear that he is not eligible to hold the office, but he has already named one Supreme Court judge and will soon appoint another. He is issuing executive orders. He is signing laws.
In my life, I saw Richard M. Nixon driven from office for official misconduct resulting from the Watergate scandal. I saw Bill Clinton survive impeachment despite having broken several laws that would have put most people in jail.
It is hard to get rid of a really bad president. It may prove harder to get rid of an imposter, a provocateur, a revenge-filled destroyer of the economy and the nation.
I saw this all before he won the office, wrote about it then and wrote about it since. If I did, others did. Indeed, some wrote entire books about it.
So why has no court in America demanded that Barack Hussein Obama produce a birth certificate or any other proof of eligibility?

If a cover-up got Nixon booted and both a real estate deal and a sexual dalliance with a White House intern merited a special prosecutor for Clinton, when doesn’t this question rise to a point of critical concern for the nation?

Alan Caruba

Alan Caruba writes a daily post at An author, business and science writer, he is the founder of The National Anxiety Center.


Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Is Anyone in Washington D.C. Smarter Than a 12th Grader?

Monday, March 22, 2010, 09:19 AM

A Home-schooled Scholar/Athlete Has Tough Questions for Obama and Congress.

By Wayne Allyn Root and Dakota Root

I’m very proud of my daughter Dakota. She is a 17-year old high school senior who has been home-schooled since birth- literally. She has never seen the inside of a classroom. The results? She has attained perfect SAT test scores; has become a world-class athlete (representing her country at World Cup fencing events); she gave her dad’s nomination speech for President of the United States live on C-Span at the age of 16; and she puts her dad- and every politician in America- to shame with levels of intelligence and common sense rarely seen within the city limits of Washington D.C. Her college choices? She has applied to the best Ivy League colleges in America- including 7 of the Top 10 highest rated (as ranked by U.S. News & World Report)- including Harvard, Yale, Stanford, Chicago, Columbia, Penn, Brown, and Duke.

But it is her political views that I believe America desperately needs to hear. Dakota and I watched the evening news together the last few nights- now there’s something you’d only hear from a home-school family. Her observations led me to realize that no one in Washington D.C. has either the intelligence or commonsense of a 12th grader. Now there’s a great new TV game show concept- pitting teenagers against Congressmen! The winners should get to run the country. I’m betting on the teens.

Dakota’s first thought was so simple it was brilliant. We watched a news story on the failing U.S. Postal Service and its projected $200 billion shortfall over the next decade. Their brilliant solution: ending Saturday mail delivery. Dakota remarked, “But dad, they did not even mention cutting jobs, or cutting salaries, or reducing pensions, or making retirees pay something for their own health care? This is nothing but a band-aid. It will never work.” A 12th grader figured it all out. I propose putting Dakota Root in charge of the U.S. Postal Service. Trust me, it could only produce a dramatic improvement.

Next up: Healthcare reform. Dakota and I together watched the news that Congress had just passed the historic Obamacare bill. Dakota had a few crucial questions that no one in Washington bothered to answer. “Dad, why would we hand healthcare to the same people (government) that have managed the Postal Service into bankruptcy? How is it possible that the same people that are projecting over $200 billion in losses for the postal service will now run healthcare without losing billions…or trillions? If free healthcare for retirees of the postal service is busting the budget, how can we afford free healthcare for everyone? How can we add over 30 million new people to the healthcare rolls without adding trillions of dollars in cost? Also, where has universal healthcare been a successful program? If our medical system is so terrible now, why do Canadian citizens come here for treatment? This whole bill defies reason. Someone is obviously lying to us.”

Dakota was just getting warmed up: “Dad, if government-run healthcare really lowers costs, how come Massachusetts is experiencing gigantic healthcare increases after the government took over? If government knows how to keep costs down, why do New York and New Jersey have the strictest government regulation over healthcare in the nation, and also the highest health insurance rates in the country- DOUBLE the national average? Wouldn’t that suggest that our national rates will also double after the government takes over? Did they just say that the new healthcare bill gives more power to the I.R.S.? Why would anyone want the I.R.S. to have more control over our lives?” Why indeed.

Then Dakota cut to the heart of the welfare…oops I mean healthcare issue…she asked, “Dad, I heard Obama himself say that Medicare and Medicaid are in fact threatening to eat up our entire federal budget and bankrupt our country. Since Medicare and Medicaid are already run by the government, why would President Obama want the government to take over the entire healthcare industry? Wouldn’t that bankrupt our country even faster? Also why would anyone believe the same politicians who have mismanaged the budget? If government were a private sector business, wouldn’t we fire these politicians?”

Fire them? Dakota’s dad thinks we should put them all in prison for fraud, mismanagement, and theft of taxpayer money.

But wait, Dakota wasn’t through just yet. She had a few more observations for the spineless, brainless politicians in Washington DC. “Our government is running a deficit approaching $2 Trillion…we have a $12 Trillion national debt…we obviously don’t have any more money to spend. So why is President Obama pushing for one of the most expensive government programs in history, during the middle of the worst economic recession since the Great Depression? My generation, and every following generation, is responsible for paying this bill, but we haven’t even been asked if we accept this crushing burden of debt.”

Dakota headed for the finish line with the gold medal question: “Dad, is any of this constitutional? Where in the Constitution does it mention healthcare? Where does the Constitution state that government can force Americans to buy health insurance, thereby handing billions of dollars in profits to private companies? Are any of these companies that will benefit, by gaining 30 million new customers, perhaps campaign contributors to President Obama? Why is that legal?”

Why indeed. Dakota Root for President.

Wayne Allyn Root was the 2008 Libertarian Vice Presidential candidate. His new book is entitled, “The Conscience of a Libertarian: Empowering the Citizen Revolution with God, Guns, Gambling & Tax Cuts.” For more information on Wayne or Dakota Root, please visit Wayne’s web site at:

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That's what we used to say in grade school when someone made a face and complained about the toxic aroma of a recent flatulence. And we would laugh and point at the complainer. It was an effective strategy for eleven and twelve year old boys then and a common tactic used by evil doers today when they are confronted with facts concerning their behavior.

The first one to play the race card is the racists, it never fails. Right now the commie/Marxist/leftist/Demonrats are combating their dreaded enemy, Truth! They have openly declared war on the Tea Party Movement. They called in the Sewer Rats, Slick Willie Clinton and James Snakehead Carville to wage a dirty tricks campaign on the Tea Party Movement. And never to be left out of a good mudslinging propaganda war of lies and deception, the Main Stream Media was quick to get into the act.

If you listened to the talking heads at MSNBC, CNN and NPR they would have you believe that the TPM is just a bunch of illiterate redneck Christian racists and not to be taken too seriously. Of the recent rally against Hapless Harry in his home berg of Searchlight, NV. the MSM reported that an unruly mob of approximately 700 protested. There were in fact over10,000 and in spite of much anger and resentment toward Mr. Reid, there were no incidents of violence.

The lying rat bastards are trying to portray the Tea Party Movement as being from the very fringe of society. They, who claim to be so sensitive, caring and opposed to any form of "hate" speech, are quick to call We the People names like; redneck and racist and have compared us to the anti-segregationists that marched in the 50's. We have been portrayed as inarticulate, potentially violent and merely Republicans in sheep's clothing or disgruntled pockets of conservatives blindly lashing out at a left-handed President Obama.

As for stereotypes, they're convenient and often catchy, especially for liberals who are hooked on sound-bites. But not necessarily true.

Fact Check: From The Los Angeles Times, April 5, 2010 Andrew Malcom

Now, comes a pair of polls, including Gallup, that paint a revealing detailed portrait of Tea Party supporters in most ways as pretty average Americans. A Sunday poll -- actually three national phone surveys of 1,000 registered voters -- found that 17% of all polled, or more than 500, called themselves "part of the Tea Party movement."

"It's a good sample size," David Winston, polling director of the Winston Group that did the poll for an education advocacy group, told the Ballot Box blog of The Hill newspaper.

The Tea Party adherents broke down 28% independent, 17% Democrat and only 57% Republican. Not coincidentally, this bipartisan breakdown has been the way that Tea Party favorite Sarah Palin has often described movement members as "commonsense Americans" worried and....

...angered by the over-reaching one-party control of Democrats in Washington these last 15 months, rooted initially in opposition to Obama's $787 billion government economic stimulus package.

A new Gallup Poll out this morning of 1,033 finds nothing fringe about self-proclaimed Tea Party adherents; they are slightly more likely to be employed, male and definitely more conservative. But otherwise Gallup's Lydia Saad writes, "their age, educational background, employment status, and race -- Tea Partiers are quite representative of the public at large."

While economic issues like stubbornly high unemployment rates and declining home values cause widespread worries, Winston found top issues among the self-identified Tea Party followers are jobs/the economy and the exploding federal deficit. A whopping 95% told pollsters that Washington "Democrats are taxing, spending and borrowing too much."

Fully 87% told Gallup they oppose Obama's healthcare legislation.

The Winston poll says 80% of total Tea Party supporters dislike Obama's job performance, a higher negative rate even than the 77% of Republicans who disapprove of the ex-state senator's White House work.

We have a long way to go before November and so much to do. We the People of the Tea Party Movement are truly the "commonsense Americans" and we want to take back what belong to us. It was given to us by our forefathers and God Almighty!