Saturday, February 13, 2010

Judas Goat

I listened to Glen Beck for the last time the other day, only because a friend sent me a clip of his savaging of Debra Medina, a candidate for the Governor of Texas and a Tea Party activists. Even for a long time non-fan of the Beck, I must admit I was shocked. I was surprised at Beck's bait and switch tactic and then his venomous attack. He twisted her answer and used it to ridicule and belittle her. She must really scare the stuff out of him for him to respond so sarcastically. I think that the Tea Party is starting to get to them.

I first started to listen to Beck on FM and then when he moved to Radio Right on XM I would listen to him for about an hour each day, before the Laura Ingram show. He was entertaining and amusing as he had clearly not lost his Early Morning FM Shock Jock style, lots of flash and little substance.

I lost confidence when he went over to the Dark side, when he signed with CNN for major bucks. Don't get me wrong, I am all in favor of the free market system but as far as I am concerned, he declared what he was and now we were just haggling price. His move to FOX News caused a bit of a stir and it caused a few to speculate that he had come to his senses. This was not to be the case.

Time for a Reality check! Time to take a look at the big confidence game that is being run on America. Let's look at a few facts of life. Glen Beck, Oprah and Bill O'Riley and Hannity , Jon Stewart, Greta, Keith Oberman and Chris Mathews all have the same thing in common, they are entertainers. Their stock in trade is emotions. If they can cause the viewer to laugh or cry or better still, get really angry and hating someone, then they have had a successful program. They are not journalists. If you get your news from them then you are guilty of gross intellectual sloth. They only give you an opinion about a topic of their choosing.

Do you really think that Glen Becks and the Keith Obermans are that different? Both are committed to stirring the fires of discontent with each side accusing the other of all sorts of crimes and misdemeanors. The game is to incite anger and hostility between the right and the left. The big con is to keep us thinking that if "our side can win" things will be better. Both parties are corporate entities whose very survival is based on keeping a rabid base fired up and contributing dollars. Neither wants to commit suicide or kill off the other because without a villain, their contributors no longer need them.

For decades we have been seduced into believing that the two party system was our only option. Any attempt of a third party came under vigorous attacked by both parties. The Main Stream Media, and yes, that's FOX News too, are co-conspirators in this con game. Without the help of the Media they would not be able to mislead us and keep us fighting among our selves.

Do you think the Tea Party movement has the establishment talking heads a little scared? The two party right/left, black/white paradigm is shifting rapidly. The Tea Party did not wither and fade after the stunning success of Scott Brown. On the contrary, the Tea Party is growing and gaining momentum and the November elections are just seven months away.

And as far as it goes for Mr. Beck, he has shown that he is nothing more than a Judas Goat. In spite of all the good things that Glen Beck has to say he is still a tool, just like his opposite number, Chris Mathews or Oberman. They are all tools and if we take them seriously, we are the fools. I don't know about you, but I sick and tired of all their manipulating con game.

For more information on the Tea Party Movement, read the most excellent article by Mark Davis - " What the Tea Party Is, and Isn't"


List of things to do today:

1. Take the world's smallest political quiz

2. Read: The Untold History of Nullification: Resisting Slavery, link in Right Column

3. Read: The American Tea Party commentary by J.D. Longstreet

4. Find a Tea Party near you and get off your donkey and let's clean up this mess, together.

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