Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Un-fair and Off-Ballance

I am a misplaced Texan, I love the Republic of Texas and no matter where I roam, Texas will always be my adopted home. I didn't have the good fortune to be born a native son. I am a Texan by choice. In all the 50 states (or is it 57 now?) there is no state like it.

The last few months I have watched the rise in popularity of Debra Medina in her challenge of two GOP "big names" for the office of the Governor. By all local polls Debra Medina was the clear and decisive winner in both of the debates. She, like Scott Brown, is coming from way behind and rising rapidly in the poles. How can this be? She has no experience in elected office. She is only a rancher, a former nurse, a wife and a mother, a small business owner, a teacher and she loves her country. Sound like anyone you know? In her run for the office of governor, her battle cry is "We the Texans." She is one of the people and her common sense message is resonating with the voters.

A week or so ago a friend and I were talking about Debra Medina's rise and speculating that she was to be the next "Scott Brown". My buddy, ever the consummate cynic, said that, "the establishment is terrified of her. They will find some foul evil trick to sabotage her success. They can't let her win even if they have to kill someone. Wouldn't be the first time."

Just what exactly are they so afraid of? Is the truth finally sinking in. We are really sick and tired of the lying ratbastards in Washington. We have had it with the giant confidence game being played on We the People. The Big Con could not exist without their shills, the talking heads and empty suits in the main stream media. We have been coned into thinking that it is a them or us situation. We like to cheer for the boys and girls at FOX and demonize the folks on MSNBC or CNN or ABC or CBS or vice versa. Without regard for which side of the argument you choose, you have been had. The only thing that approaches fair and balanced is the ratings between FOX and the others. FOX constantly has as many viewers as the other four networks combined, so it works out about equal.

Reality check:

Think back a few years. Remember when the Swift Boat vets who had served with John Kerry tried to bring some truth into the discussion and how F & B (fraud and bull) Bill O'Reilly ridiculed them and refused to have them on the show? Okay, then how about when the fake documents were presented about George W.'s military record was promoted by Dan Rather and O'Reilly steadfastly supported the lie and the liar. CBS was embarrassed and Dan Rather resigned in disgrace. But Bill O'Reilly keeps on looking out for you.

When the fraudulent Obama comes along, O'Reilly again holds to the party line and refused to discuss honest questions about why all of Obama's records are sealed. All fair questions; like where was he born, who funded his trips to Pakistan when the U.S. State Department forbidden U.S. Citizens from traveling there, and where is proof of almost any of his personal history. Instead of asking those questions when he had Barry Hussein on his program he fawned over him. At one point I thought sure they would embrace and kiss like lovers. Any time there are really tough issues to be addressed O'Reilly crawls into his shell like the mollusk he is.

And then there is the Ober Beckman, he is worse than O'Reilly. Here is a man without a principal or if he does he ain't showing us what it might be. One show he is suggesting that the Third Reich is about to take over Spokane and in the next program he is anti-abortion and in the next he is the abortion. He pretends to be a conservative and then engages in the most vile form of ambush "journalism" I have seen in a long time.

As I said in a previous post, Glen Beck is a Judas Goat. Do you really think that Glen Becks and the Keith Obermans are that different? Both are committed to stirring the fires of discontent with each side accusing the other of all sorts of crimes and misdemeanors. The game is to incite anger and hostility between the right and the left. The big con is to keep us thinking that if "our side can win" things will be better. They enjoy a symbiotic relationship where both parties are corporate entities whose very survival is based on keeping a rabid base fired up.

If you have nothing else to do and want to be angered or amused, then go ahead and watch these shills at work but beware, they will lead you down the garden path. If you expect them to give you the truth, you need to see me, I have a really good deal on a bridge in New York.

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