Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Handwriting On The Wall

MENE, MENE, TEKEL,UPHARSEN "You have been weighed in the balances and are found wanting." (Daniel, 5-25-26)

In other words, we took your inventory and you came up short and now We the People are going to foreclose on your cushy Congressional seat. This indictment crosses party lines and has struck terror into the black hearts of both the DemoRats and the neo-con RINOS. Any elected office holder who is not in a drunken stupor or suffering from dementia, is very aware that the winds of change are blowing down the halls of government. We have been promised change, but this was not what they had in mind.

The aftershock of the Massachusetts, New Jersey and Virginia elections are still reverberating and rattling the bullet proof windows in Washington. Like rats leaving a sinking ship, several congressmen have decided this is a good time to retire. After a few town hall meetings and a thoughtful review of their poll numbers, it would seem to be a wise choice. Many of the hard core true believer Socialists/Communists/Progressives /whatever DemoRats have crept back underground to continue gnawing at the remaining shreds of the Constitution. They are the cancer that appears to be in remission.

The Tea Party movement has had way more impact on elected officials than anyone dreamed. True enough it is a bunch of angry old farts that are fed up, but the movement is so much more. It is truly we the people and the sentiments expressed by the act of throwing the tea in the bay is at the core of our liberty. The Tea Party is a spontaneous movement and cuts across party lines and touches the hearts of people of all ages and in all walks of life. We the People are feeling the weight of an oppressive government and like our forefathers, we yearn to be free.

The Constitution of the United States is a beautiful document, probably the most beautiful government documents in existence. Its principal function was to set limits on what the government could and could not do. The authors of the constitution intended to limit the power of the Federal Government and to insure that We the People would be free to pursue our own lives. Over the last one hundred years the Constitution has been modified and amended and ignored to the point that it no longer serves its original purpose, quite the contrary, it is now a device for controlling We the People while the big Government and the bloated bureaucracies are only limited by what we will stand for. It feels totally out of control and seems that the only thing that is stand between us and total bondage is the elected politicians fear of what we will do in November.

Saw an article the other day where Uncle Newtie wants the Tea Party to come under his Big Tent. I like Uncle Newtie, I really do. He is one of the few political leaders that is not a lawyer and he has the skills of a great teacher in articulating sensible solutions to complex problems. I love his strategies, I just don't understand his tactics. It looks like he spends way too much time trying to cozy up to the libtards. I don't understand his Gingrich-Sharpton world tour or his playing footsie with Blinkie, the Botox queen while jumping on Al Gore's band wagon. When he hooked up with Pelosi to pimp for the Goricle, I had to let him go. It's not just a lie, it's a big fat lie and the Cap and Trade agreement is giving the world the keys to your house, your bank book and letting them have your kids. If he hasn't done his homework on that one (Climate Change) then he doesn't deserve the presidency any more than you or me. If he has, then he is a conspirator or a collaborator.

The wussy pants progressive-wannabe neo-con RINO's are running for cover or wanting to come in out of the cold. While the DemoRats are trying to salvage their pet pork producing projects the neo-con Republicans are leaping into denial. They will all swear that they were against it before they were for it or variations on that theme. Pundits and pollsters are predicting big changes in the 2010 election cycle with another 10 seats in question. The pollster John Zogby said, "If the elections were held today, the Republicans could come close to winning back the Senate, if not actually win it." And Dick Morris, politico extraordinaire boldly states; I am making a prediction right now that the Republican Party will take both houses of Congress" in 2010.

And has anyone noticed that CNN has started to moderate their position? I haven't noticed because I haven't noticed anything about CNN since FOX news came on the scene. Check out this little gem, Jack Cafferty, in a special report about frivolous spending by congress had this to say about the Speaker of the House, (of ill repute). He said; "she's a horrible woman"! Couldn't agree more. Are real journalists coming out of hiding and daring to actually report the facts and not the station policy position. Do you think the shift in CNN policy has anything to do with their reading the handwriting on the wall or maybe it is just their terrible ratings.

I hope I don't sound like a GOP cheerleader. The only thing farther from the truth would be a DemRat cheerleader. I am not now nor have I ever been committed to either party. Neither party resembles the party of a few decades ago, both have become corrupted by greed and graft. I am a republican the same way Ron Paul is a republican. I believe that I am a Libertarian and support the restoration of our Constitution. I think a majority of Americans don't identify with either party and consider themselves to be Independent. If you feel that you are an independent and are not too sure where you land on the political spectrum, I urge you to take the easy 10 question political quiz in the "Check This Out" column at the right.

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