Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The Merry Pranksters

Clinton and Carville target the Tea Party

By Sharon Sebastian - author of Darwin's Racists

How do you measure the effectiveness of a grass roots movement? If a former president and number one henchman plot to take down or coerce citizens of the United States, the grass roots of that movement must be reaching deep down into the fertile heart of our Constitutional republic. Recent news on Andrew Breitbart's "Big Government" and "The Drudge Report" is that former President Bill Clinton and his aide-de-camp in all political wars, James Carville, are aiming to bring down some Tea Parties. Reportedly lined-up in their sites are leaders of the Constitution-loving, God-fearing, hard-working, flag-waving, tax- paying, family-raising, country-serving and deeply patriotic Tea Party movement.

Such attention clearly means that the Tea Party is making inroads and winning the hearts and minds of freedom loving Americans. That includes liberals, independents, conservatives, Republicans and Democrats. Make a note: The Tea Party consists of concerned citizens with no identifiable leaders. So, just who are they out to get? Being out of official powerdom should not mean that you are also out of touch. But then, power is blinding - and apparently addictive.

The possible gearing up of the Clinton power machine, which has a reputation for flushing out the failings of their big-time Washington enemies and chewing them up in smear campaigns, may have a boomerang effect when you target an average citizen. Another note, Americans are fed-up with the bullying, do-as-we-say mentality of Washington that treats them as "raw material" to be worked, taxed and ignored. Backroom bribes and strong armed tactics being played out in today's White House and Congress are receiving the blowback of discontent that they deserve. It is the ugly side of politics that Americans reject and will deal with at the ballot box.

Americans are in no mood for heavy-handed thuggery or the knee-capping of patriots who stand for their Constitutional rights and freedoms. So, Messieurs Clinton and Carville, if you were of a mind to, it may be too late to dig the dirt. It may be too late to hold back the tide that has turned against political operatives and politicians who think Americans work for them and not the other way around. It may be too late for skullduggery as patriots everywhere will now stand with those who are targeted and ferret out and expose any ill-intent against them. The electorate is awake and watching and reporting. Because of the Breitbart and Drudge reports, the spotlight's full glare is on all current and former residents of the White House leaving them no place to hide should ill befall a single patriot. Americans are stepping forward to save their country and one another, if need be.

The bottom line is that Americans do not like to be strong-armed by a sitting president, much less a former president. Clearly, power is intoxicating. All presidents have it. Tony Soprano prototypes have it. The trick is not to get the two mixed up. Going after average citizens who seek to save and serve their country will leave a very ugly blot on any President's legacy. Even voters who are not members of the Tea Party movement are rankled at such threats and watching every move you make lest malcontent becomes dirty politics. Going after a movement of patriots whether they be the Tea Party, the 9/12 Project or our fellow citizens at Town Halls may be the worst political move you'll wish you never made. So, hands off the American patriots, sir.

Sharon Sebastian is a contributor to the Tea Party Patriots. http://teapartypatriots.org/

The merry pranksters ride again. The Clinton and Carville gang of thugs would be laughable if it weren't for the string of mysterious death that have littered their trail. As a former Arkansas resident I was privy to many stories that were part of the Bill Clinton local folk lore. He managed to avoid the Vietnam War Draft when then U.S. Senator Fulbright's office interceded in his behalf to get him a deferment. Clinton ran unsuccessfully for the House of Representatives in 1974. Without opposition in the following general election, Clinton was elected as the Top Cop in the State of Arkansas, the Attorney General in 1976.

I was living in N.W. Arkansas at the time and this was the beginning of the "Arkansas Home Grown" era. The words was out, "Don't embarrass the local Sheriff and nothing will happen to you." I won't say that everyone was growing marijuana but I will say with some experience that a whole lot of folks were way deep in to guerilla agriculture. The heat was off, and growing pot became a big cottage industry with some of the highest quality pot in the world coming out of the hills of N.W. Arkansas.

When Clinton was elected Governor of Arkansas in 1978, the word was out, we now had a dope smoking Governor. As long as you didn't through it into the Sheriff's face, we were free to grow and smoke to our hearts content. Along with that came the rest of the big drug "scene." Harder drugs and big money and the bad boys that play rough. Some of us cleaned up our act and some of us died. Bill Clinton went on to be the President of the United States.

I ain't sayin', I'm just sayin' that team Clinton/Carville should not be taken lightly. They have a known history of taking dirty politics to a science. It seems as though there is nothing that is below them. They have no scruples or anything coming close to ethics. They will be totally ruthless and will have no qualms about who they hurt or destroy.

Again, I ain't sayin, I'm just sayin' if it looks like dog poop, and smells like dog poop, it ain't Baby Ruth. There is so much more to the Marijuana Wars of N.W. Arkansas and the rest of the drug story, but maybe another day.


Thing to do: Really, please do it!

Get off your donkey and find a group near you and join the Tea Party Movement. Click on the link at the right.

Write your Congressional representative and tell them you are grateful for the job that they are doing or that you are coming for them in November, which ever applies. Get to know them and get them to know you. It is really easy, just click on the links http://whoismyrepresentative.com/ and enter your zip code and just follow the directions. Be a fan or a pain in their ass but don't be an apathetic looser.

Rent or buy a copy of the movie, "Primary Colors", by director Mike Nichols. John Travolta at his best as Bill Clinton, Emma Thompson is a believable Hillary, Billy Bob Thornton plays the part of Carville, the red-neck strategist, Kathy Bates in the role of Vince Foster and Adrian Lester as George Stephanopoulos.

Eat some chili, it's good for you.