Thursday, February 11, 2010

Shame on You, Shame on Me.

To say we have the worst president in history might be one of the grossest understatements in the history of the republic. He is so inept at administration, leadership and basic understanding of government that Jimmy Carter has been forced to relinquish his title as the worst president, his only claim to fame. But for all of our hissing and moaning and complaining we are forced to admit that we have the president that the majority of Americans wanted. I didn't want him and neither did you, but enough of our neighbors wanted him that we are stuck with him for the foreseeable future.

People all across the country are starting to wake up and some of us are really very angry. We are angry that we have been bamboozled by a slick Chicago street hustler that can read from a teleprompter a speech written by others. We become furious when we realize that we have been hoodwinked into buying into the promise of something for nothing. Some of us let our anger over our feeling of betrayal by George W. to blind us to the seductive con game being run on the American people by the next lying bastard.

Many of us are angry and frustrated that we have an electorate that is totally ignorant of history and blind to the laws of cause and effect. A voting population that has been dumbed down by a dysfunctional educational system to the point that they are completely ignorant of the values and principles of our founding mothers and fathers.

In his most eloquent article, The Last Days Of The Republic?, J. D. Longstreet wrote; "How did it happen? Well, those who would turn America into a Socialist Utopia used the very democratic process, in which Americans pride themselves, to execute a brilliant coup de tat and take over the US government. And they did it in plain sight, right before our eyes.

"In a democratic nation the risk of electing a dictator, is always there, lurking in the shadows. All it takes is a bad mistake at the polls by freedom loving people misled by slick, smooth, oratory and, let us not forget, the promise or the implication of… something for nothing. I cannot overemphasize the importance of the electorate’s ignorance. It is my belief that ignorance played the largest role in the election of Obama to the presidency of the US than any other single causation.

"In a mad rush to the polls to elect the nation’s first “black” President, everything else was overlooked. Important things like Obama’s socialist leanings, his obvious preference of Muslims over those of the Jewish faith, his bent toward collectivism, Marxism, and his penchant for a “command and control” economy for the US. None of this mattered to those ignorant of history, ignorant of the philosophies espoused by and believed in by Mr. Obama. No, what was MOST important to them was the election of America’s first black president, whatever the cost.

"Well, the bill has come due. The cost? The cost was only our country – only the republic."

(Please read the rest of this wonderful commentary by J. D. Longstreet, at:

A casual study of the rise and fall of the great civilizations of the world will show that their fall began from within. They became weak and lazy and blind to their own condition until it was too late and they collapsed under the weight of their own debt. History will also show that none of the great civilizations on the world has ever recovered from such a fall. Too little of their former greatness was left for them to recover and they slipped into history.

The United States is in that spot today. Like the boiled frog, we have been lulled into a dull state of complacency. We have been seduced by the false sense of security from decades of lies and deceit. Most of the electorate don't participate in the process much less know or understand the issue at stake. And if they vote at all, they can't tell you why other than to quote some party talking point or to say that "Our family has always been ....... "

Is it too late to revive our fallen republic? Our once great ship of state has lost its moral compass and has drifted off course and is taking on water faster than we can pump it out. Do we have enough of the fighting spirit of our founding fathers and mothers to take back our country? Can we once again stand on our hind legs and spit in the devil's eye?

I believe the answer is a resounding Yes! All across the country, like Rip Van Winkle, people are waking up from their long nap of complacency and saying in a united voice, "We've had it with big government and we're tired of the wasteful spending. We are tired of Washington's intrusion into our daily lives, we've had it with repressive policies that undermine our basic freedoms. " Our list of grievances all seem to be directed at Big Government. Many of us are waking up to the fact that we don't know how much power We the People still possess. The Massachusetts Miracle was more than a wake-up call to the Democrats and Republicans. Scott Browns win demonstrated the power of We the People to defeat the great political machines and throw off their strangle hold.

The Tea Party Movement is now making its presence felt more than ever. Even the main stream media is forced to recognize the Tea Party as a Movement. The elitist left can no longer dismiss the Great Awakening as a bunch of angry red necks. The fruitcake spin misters on the left have become more shrill in their attacks on the really good decent people who are standing up and demanding that we be a free country once again.

During the Super-Bowl half-time show some of us old rock-n-rollers enjoyed the listening to the Who. It is really great to see our generation jumping around like they were 65 again. I close with a few lines from their "Won't Get Fooled Again";

"And I'll get on my knees and pray
We don't get folled again
Don't get fooled again,
No, No!

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