Thursday, November 3, 2011

Draft Ed Martin

Every so often a window of opportunity opens that offers the prospect for genuine change. The citizens of Missouri have been given such a window. Some might say that it is "providential" or perhaps "a favorable conjunction of celestial circumstances". Whether fate, blind luck or Divine intervention is not really an important issue. What is important is what we the people of Missouri will do with this opportunity.

In recent days the "Draft Ed Martin" idea has started to snow-ball into a real grass roots movement. Patriots across the state are quick to see this opportunity for  significant strengthening of our state's sovereignty. With Ed Martin in the race for Governor we would have an opportunity to truly restore some semblance of sanity and sanctity to state government and put Missouri on the road to real prosperity.

The idea of a "Draft Ed Martin" campaign has not come to fruition because of political manipulation, but because the political landscape has shifted creating a perfect storm scenario. Consider the following:

·       Just a few months ago, it was considered that Jay Nixon would be difficult to defeat in the 2012 election.  He has been a very careful and crafty politician,. . . until this summer. His trips to China to help promote the shift of Missouri Jobs "off-shore", his call of a Special Session of the General Assembly to push for his Mercantilism plan for a China Hub in St. Louis and, the worst of all, his blatant attempt at a back room deal, that ignores the will of 73% of Missouri voters, establishing an ObamaCare Exchange in Missouri. Jay Nixon has clearly shown his allegiance to the current administration and their socialist agenda.

·       It has been assumed that Peter Kinder was the GOP designated candidate for Governor.  To date, Mr. Kinder has presented a lackluster approach to his expected "run" for the office, having spent much of his political capitol and resources on damage control. He has indicated that later this month he will make it official whether he will even enter the race or not. A rock solid candidate to take on an incumbent Governor? I don't think so.

·       Early interest in Republican candidate for Governor, Bill Randles, has diminished recently due to questions concerning his ability to campaign effectively and to raise sufficient funds to conduct a viable campaign. (This is a loss to conservatives as Mr. Randles is a good man and stands for conservative values.)

The really great news is that we have the perfect candidate to fill this void. Ed Martin is a Constitutional Patriot and a proven champion of conservative values. We hope that he might be persuaded  into leaving a successful campaign and declaring his intention to run for Governor.

Missouri needs a proven States rights champion in the Governor's office. Ed Martin is too valuable a natural resource for Missouri to waste on our Feral Government. (NO, it isn't a typo!) Why make him a cabin boy on the Titanic when we so desperately need him to be our captain. Missouri is our life-boat.

It's time we send a strong message to the Republican leadership. Isn't one  definition of insanity doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different results?  It is time we asserted our Show-Me independence and our Missouri mule stubbornness and stood up to the socialist. Ed Martin is such a man. As a strong champion of States Rights, he will stand between Missouri and the flood of un-constitutional government regulations.

 Whether Republican fever or Conservative fervor, we need to seize this moment and to paraphrase the words of Sam Adams, "Build a few brush fires in the minds of fellow Missouri patriots". Missouri needs Ed Martin in Jefferson City. We need to spread the word, Draft Ed Martin for Governor.

There is a wealth of information about Ed Martin on YouTube and be sure to check the Draft Ed Martin website,

Read the excellent op-ed on page 10 of the Mid-Mo News Letter.