Sunday, March 14, 2010

We Are Not Alone, #11 And that's not necessarily a good thing.

What's up with every one? Why does it seem that most of the conservative talking heads are reluctant to call the evil doers by their real name? They opine and pontificate and deal in personalities but stop short of making the big connections. We love to point fingers and blame the Liberals and the socialists. Fault finding and playing the blame game is the national pass-time. It is easy to blame the Presidents, past and present for the abysmal mess our country is in. We accuse the Democrats or the Republicans and demonize elected officials with gleeful abandon.

We are totally correct when we accuse the New World Order for trashing our country. When we demand that something be done to protect us from the Islamo Fascists Fanatics that repeatedly declare war on us and vow to destroy our country, we are more than justified. And when our government does nothing or worse, tears down some of the safe guards that have been protecting us, not only are we within our rights, but we have an obligation to shout our protests from the roof tops.

Evil forces are working to control the world. Al-Qaida wants to blow us up. Our current administration is feeding the last of the bill of rights into the shredder and the Globalists are in the final stages of setting up a One World Government. Our so-called Commander in Chief is running around the world, kowtowing to every despot in sight. Out of the combined Senate, The House of Representatives and the Supreme Court there is not a hand full of individuals that we can point to and truly say, " They have the best interests of our country at heart". They are the new aristocracy and are above the law. Our entire government is a seething cesspool of corruption. These parasites suck the life out of our nation and they enjoy the life style of rock stars and the benefits of royalty, for life.

I'll probably get some flak from the true believers, the rank and file party members. These poor unfortunate schmucks have swallowed the party line, hook and sinker. They are content to repeat the talking points of the day and spout party platitudes and are quick to blame the opposition for any problem.

I have spent the first four paragraphs pointing out problems and doing my share of complaining. But back on topic; Why do we stop short of calling evil doers by their rightful name? The entertaining Rev. James Manning, has no problem with calling evil by its real name when he says that our acting president is "the emissary of the devil". Lucifer has been intent on ruling and enslaving the world for thousands of years. The New World Order movement is not a recent phenomenon. Whether it is the Globalists, The Jihadist, or the thugs on the corner, they all are intent in violating and usurping our God given liberty, the right of free choice. It matters little if they are true believers or simply dupes of the evil scheme, they are all in the service of Lucifer.

Evil people are in every level of government, from the disrespectful person behind the counter at the DMV or the Post office to the highest positions of authority. I am not saying that they all are evil, I am just saying that you will have no trouble in finding them, they are everywhere.

So how do we identify these evil doers? It is really quite easy. They don't have reptilian features or horns. They are known by their behavior. Let's define evil; "Any use of personal or political power that infringes on the free will of the individual". In other words, the use of power to violate our liberty. When was the last time you dealt with an elected official and you were left with the feeling that they were truly a public servant, committed to helping you?

Remember the Golden Rule? Treating others the way we want to be treated, what's the problem with that? And the ten commandments, why do the evil doers have so much trouble with them being openly displayed? It must be those pesky rules about not stealing, lying and adultery, not to mention the other commandments about respect and honor. Really, think about it, who has a problem with rules about not stealing and lying. Did I hear someone say, "Duh"?

If the shoe were on the other foot, I know what the Hillary would say; "It is a vast Satanic conspiracy".

Remember, Monday, March 14, 2010 has been declaired a day of prayer by the Tea Party. On Tuesday, the 16, the Tea Party will hold a ralley on the Capitol lawn. Pray for our Republic.

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