Monday, March 22, 2010


We live in one of the most exciting times in the history of the planet. Most definitely, the most important time in the last two thousand years. The spiritual life of all humanity is hanging in the balance or to say it another way, the free will of the human spirit is about to be crushed under the boot of the tyranny. Not just in our failed Republic, but the whole world has fallen under the control of oppressive evil forces and we are all now becoming enslaved by the faceless soul destroying death.

As a nation we have been seduced into believing that the nanny state will take care of us, we have been stupefied and blinded by the ceaseless lies seeping out of our government and lulled into a complete state of complacency, interested only in shiny things and the next installment of dancing with the stars. We the Sheeple know nothing of our nation's history or our founding traditions. We have ceased to believe in anything of real value and have traded our birthright for a handful of shiny beads and pieces of silver.

We have lost our way. Without a moral rudder or a spiritual compass, the most magnificent ship of state ever to set sail, has become damaged beyond repair. For over fifty years, men and women of good will have been running about shouting, "we're leaking pretty bad here, Boss." They have repeatedly sounded the alarm and have been repeatedly assured that all was well and our alarmist attitude was frightening to the others as the once proud ship sinks deeper and ever deeper into the icy sea.

Ok, enough with the metaphors already. I fear that anyone who is not aware of our imminent danger is probably beyond help. If they wake up at all, it will be too late to exercise any form of free will choice other than to surrender or die. The time is short to decide who you will serve.

Within the next few days, it appears that our government will clear another major obstacle in getting us all lined up and tagged with RFID chips in the name of Health Care. (Stop and think about this; every time our government gets ready to put the screws to us, it is always because they are looking out for us, it's for our own good and our grandchildren will pay for it.)

On March 21, the first day of Spring, when we should be feeling joy, we witness a day of infamy. The corrupt tyrants and Marxist bullies who have run rough shod over the will of the people and brought an end to the Republic that once was the beacon of freedom to the whole world.

Today, people of good will are consoling each other with the reassuring hope that in November we can throw the bums out of office. Get a grip. We have crossed an invisible line and there is no way to put the Genie back into the bottle or un-ring the bell.

I don't think there will be any elections in November, 2010. Stop and conceder for a minute; Why do Senators and Representatives facing reelection vote contrary to the wishes of a majority of their constituency? Is it the promise of vast wealth and increased power? Do they know something that we don't know about our future? I say the answer is Yes, and yes to both.

Evil beings, and I mean that in the most literal way, not just someone you don't like, always announce their intentions. They like to brag about what they are going to do to their victims. We were told that they were going to pass Obamacare regardless of any obstacle. We were told that our country was going to undergo major fundamental changes and that the constitution was no longer relevant. Obama has told the leaders of the European Union and NATO that we will be in a Civil-War by the early spring and has asked for and been granted troops to support the Home Land Security forces. (By executive order, under G. Bush, that includes all military, active and reserve, all law enforcement, from the highest down to game wardens and tribal police.) They will be under the command of the DHS and supported by international troops.

In the next few weeks we will see a major incident, a man caused disaster. If the conditions in the country does not produce another lunatic like Timothy McVeigh, one will be created. It would not be the first time that the Government caused a Ruby Ridge or a Waco. As soon at that happens, Obama can declare a national emergency and order martial law. All normal functions of Government will cease and no elections will be held until the "patriot/race/rebel" problem is resolved. All pretext of law and order that we have known will be gone.

We will be given a brief period to surrender our guns and then the penalty for resisting is death. Then the house to house searches will begin. Many of us will be rounded up and disappear into the new Gulag of FEMA camps and many more of us will be tortured and killed. By the end of summer, all the world will know that we have been skillfully looted, robbed of our birthright and enslaved.

Under the New Health Care Laws we will all be required to have a ID card or an Implanted RFID chips, (Radio-frequency identification,) that contains all of your personal, medical and financial information. In short everything that is known about us as well as GPS tracking ability. This will enable a scan to locate anyone at any time. The broad implications are staggering.

Obama has already stated that now we can do anything, and next he will push the Alien Amnesty Bill through Congress followed by Cap and Trade which will place our country under the control of the NWO or the UN or whatever they decide to call themselves. Regardless of the name they use, it is the true followers of Lucifer that we will be serving and it appears that the plans of Lucifer are being realized.

True enough, we are facing the kind of bloody oppression that we have only read about in third world countries. Thousands, if not millions of us will die in the coming storm of change. There will be no place to hide or anyplace that is safe for a patriot or a Christian. We will be given the same choice that Mohamed gave his enemies, "Join or die". To accept the mark of the beast or death.

After considering the implications of the fall of our Republic please stop and remember that the affairs of this planet are not in the hands of man. Prophets, mystics and theologians have been telling us that this day would come. It is here, Now! Not some abstract Sunday school story or a prediction in a supermarket tabloid. As distasteful as it is and as uncomfortable as it will be, everything is going according to plan. Be not discouraged, if we know true freedom, there is nothing that can take that away, not threats of prison, torture or death.

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