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We Are Not Alone, #8

We Are Not Alone #8

Ok, back on the job, the visits and feasting are over for a while. I have a lot of topics that I want to work on; Several examples of where we as a culture have gotten into hot water. If anyone has any ideas, please don't be bashful and help stir the pot. Any ideas are welcome.

Meanwhile, back at the "Are We Alone" topic. I will now be calling this series of posts, "We are Not Alone."

There seems to be a growing acceptance for the possibility of intelligent life on other worlds. From a scientific point of view, there is a growing consensus to the probabilities of live developing on "Billions of such worlds". The secular community has become more accepting of the likelihood that our Creator has created a universe full of beings in "His own image".

As for the topic of visitors to our world, there is a mass of documentation of sightings by qualified observers and an equal amount of evidence that government agencies have suppressed reports and suppressed serious inquiry. This combined mountain of data should be enough to sway even the most devout skeptic but still there are those that for a variety of reasons continue to doubt. Some seem to be holding on to the idea that the Earth is still the center of the Creation and that somehow their religious beliefs are challenged. Many are skeptical purely on the grounds that they haven't seen a UFO and they ask the question: "If they are real, why don't they stop and make contact?" or "Even if there is life on other worlds, the distances are too great to overcome".

First, let's look at the question, "Why, don't they stop and make contact?" There are several reasons that come quickly to mind. And since there is no definitive scientific document to say otherwise, I am just as qualified as the next to speculate. Our governments can lock up the books but they can't prevent us from thinking and wondering, questioning and speculating and drawing our own conclusions. Here is some grist for the mill:

1. Self-preservation: Simply, we try to shoot them from the sky. We chase them with our jets and we can assume that we have tried to shoot them down. Because of the government gag orders, we don't know if the Air Force has been successful or not in downing any UFO, only that they deny their existence. Human kind has a history of trying to destroy anything that it doesn't understand and is fearful of.

2. Quarantined: Earth has been quarantined because it is infected with a social disease, the disease of rebelion. Earth is contaminated with the deadly virus of self-aggrandizement and greed at the expense of most of the positive qualities necessary to develop a viable and lasting civilization. The deadly disease has spread and is enslaving the entire planet. This dreaded affliction of power and control appears to be highly contagious.

3. Tourist Attraction: Perhaps Earth is a evolutionary cul de sac and we are just another Road Side Attraction. To the visitors from deep space, that are much further advanced and obviously posses technologies far superior to anything we have discovered yet, may have no more interest in making contact with us than we would on a trip to the zoo. We look at the monkeys and laugh and throw peanuts but we don't attempt to engage them in any meaningful discourse.

4. Earth is a Holy Place: As mentioned in earlier posts, almost all of the major civilizations of the world have some ancient legends of Gods from the stars. Our modern western culture celebrate the bestowal of a Son of God to our world. In the United States over 60% make some claims to being a Christian. Although there are scores of different Christian religions with differing and divergent ideas there are a few facts on which they all agree; Jesus, the Son of God the Father, was born a man, lived as we live and was nailed to a cross to die. He rose from the dead and returned to his home in the heavens, to rule his vast creation. Earth is the planet of the Cross and is a Holy Place, a spiritual Shrine, and probably a destination for cosmic pilgrims. The motives of our visitors have nothing to do with the savage inhabitants of Earth.

5. Maybe we have had contact. We don't really know if they have made significant contact or not. We know from public records that our government has suppressed any information regarding UFOs and ETs for decades and we can assume that other countries have similar policies. What if they were to make contact? Who would they choose to be their liaison with the inhabitants of our world? Would they fall for the old B-movie line; "Take me to your leader"? Would they contact the Pentagon or the Pope?

The visitors to earth from other worlds clearly demonstrate knowledge and use of science and technologies far advanced of anything we are only dreaming of. They appear to have mastered the limitations of time and distance, and maybe even eternal life. Think of the implications. What would we as a country, any country, do with this information?

Bottom line: Get real, do we really think that we are civilized enough to handle it? Don't we still need to master that "Love thy neighbor" thing first?

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