Sunday, December 13, 2009

Are We Alone? #4 Visitors from other worlds

If we consider the information we have today about the Grand Universe, it is reasonable to assume that intelligent life would have developed on other worlds. With an open mind, we can easily imagine worlds similar to ours, teeming with infinitely diverse forms of life, and surely some of those critters walk upright on their hind legs and think and build and love. They must look at the sky and wonder too.

The idea that we are not alone in the cosmos is not a new idea and the belief that we are often visited by travelers and messengers from the heavens were the part of legends and folk lore of most of the great civilizations. The gods of Greek mythology were believed to have descended from the heavens to rule and much of their advanced culture was attributed to these gods. The Greek thinkers are considered to be the originators of modern philosophical thought.

Most of the great cultures of the world have legends of gods from the heavens. Consider the great pyramid of Egypt, the most architecturally perfect building on the planet. The builders and designers of the pyramids had to possess advanced knowledge of the cosmos and of the Earth's relation to the Sun. Their use and understanding of mathematics had to be far superior to anything believed to exist in the world at that time. When asked how that all came about, the scholars and scientists scratch their heads again and admit "we just don't know." (There is way too much fascinating data regarding the Great Pyramid to touch on now. A later post perhaps? This video clip has some interesting facts about the only remaining wonder of the ancient world. )

I have never liked math much but consider this; The Great Pyramid was completed somewhere around 2540 BC. The exterior facing stones were about 100 inches thick and weighed about 20 tons, that's all you can haul on an eighteen wheeler. One side of this giant block of hard limestone was beveled to 51 degrees, 51 minutes and then polished to a mirror finish. The Chaldeans of Babylon are considered by most to be the originators of modern math. The Greek astronomer Hipparchus didn't devised the first trigonometric tables until somewhere around 147 to 127 BC. Then in 1687 AD, Isaac Newton is credited with the development of calculus.

Again I ask, How did they do that? Don't tell me that they were stuck with the wheel and a swarm of Jewish slaves. That just won't fly in the face of my reason.

The mysteries that surround the Mexican Pyramids are equally baffling. The builders had a deep understanding of our solar system and recorded the planets with relationship to the sun. They devised a 52 year calendar that is accurate comparable to the atomic clock. Many experts in the study of ancient cultures have suggested they had the help of "Ancient Astronauts". The following link is to a video clip from the History Channel that explores that theme.;_ylt=ApgLv2b_GKlzqr6cy7Ndi0RG2vAI?p=ancient+astronauts&fr=my-myy-s&toggle=1&cop=&ei=UTF-8

If the scientists and scholars can't come up with an answers after countless thousands of hours of study then we are at least qualified to wonder and to speculate that maybe we are not alone but have often been visited down through the ages.

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