Monday, December 21, 2009

More Musings about Boiled Frogs

So what has that got to do with me? I don't know, maybe nothing. But let's look at some fairly recent current events. When we review the shootings at the Fort Hood Army Base we have no problem seeing the sudden unexpected change in the Army Major who decided to kill as many of his comrades a possible. But back up a minute, how sudden was it? His military record shows that throughout his career he had made many inflammatory and threatening remarks to colleagues. He had repeatedly received poor performance ratings. He openly condemned the actions of the Army and glorified the actions of Jihadists bomb throwers.

How did this happen? Throughout his military carrier he had made "little" remarks that had gone unnoticed and without any response by the Army. Why? I don't know, maybe we didn't want to hurt his self-esteem or maybe the Army took the path of least resistance and made excesses, covered it up and said, "that's just Husan being Husan." He fired over 100 shots before being stopped by a civilian police officer. How did this happen? I only have the reporters stories to go on and I wasn't there but we do know a few facts: 1, he was an active member of a sect that had declared war on the United States and on western culture, 2, this sect of cowardly barbarians have already attacked and killed thousands of United States citizens and 3. dozens witness his killing 17 and wounding 30 more unarmed defenders of our freedom. And still the elite media persists in referring to this coward as "the alleged shooter" and the civil liberties dweebs are scampering to see that he is treated fairly.

Will the army fall back into a contented stupor and continue to simmer in complacency? Didn't this happen before. Do we need to enlist the enemy to have interpreters? Don't we have anyone in the military bright enough to learn to speak whatever our enemy is speaking? During the cold War we certainly did. The Army language school at Fort Devin, MA. used to crank out soldiers with the language skills to be able to monitor our adversaries broadcasts.

Gradually, Incrementally, Our armed forces have been transformed into a "kinder gentler" army. Have we taken away their BDUs (Battle Dress Uniform) and replaced them with something more warm and fuzzy? Cultural diversity can be a great thing, our country was founded and built by people of diverse cultures. But we need to wake up from our comfortable stupor before it is too late and draw a few lines in the sand. Why can't our leaders figure out what seems to be crystal clear to most thinking folks? "You don't put a fox in the henhouse for a guard dog." We are faced with an enemy that has told us of their goal of Global Domination and how they intend on accomplishing that goal.

Our "alleged" enemies have laid out in detail how they intend to take over the world. Their plan is to infiltrate every level of society and attack us from within, kind of like a cancer. Our "alleged" enemies are boastful of their global progress. They are content to take small incremental steps to achieve their goals as long as they progress a little each day.

Turn the heat up gradually until the meat falls off the bones of the complacent fat frog.

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