Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Stainless Blue Sky

"But there were no rooms to be had,
There was only a stable
hewn from rock, coarse and crude,
but comfortable beyond measure
to desperate pilgrims with no place to lay their heads.

The following day
as the noontide sun peaked high
in the stainless blue sky
a crystal luminosity enveloped Bethlehem
and silent to mortal ears
celestial seraphim burst into singing hymns of praise.
A refreshing wind blew a mysterious spiritual fragrance
over the lands and the waters of Earth.

Joshua ben Joseph
Jesus the Christ was born.
Tiny and helpless
in a cradle-manger
lay the Creator Son . . .
The cherished and adored Son of God."

At this very special time of the year many cultures and religions sects join together, with loved ones, forgetting their differences and celebrate the birth of the Christ Child. Although Biblical Scholars and historians cannot agree on the exact date of the birth of Jesus, a date was chosen to celebrate Christmas, or the Mass of Christ. The date December 25 is believed to have been chosen to coincided with the historical Roman festival of the Winter Solstice, the shortest day of the year. It occurs on December 21 in the northern hemisphere and signals a time when the days start to become longer, a re-birth of the Sun. The birth of Jesus, was the birth of a God/Man who came to our troubled and rebellion torn planet Earth to deliver us from all evil, give peace that passes all understanding and the offer of eternal life.

Whether you believe this story or not, pause for a moment and let your mind go free. For a minute, just imagine the possibilities. What if it this story is true?

"We are children of one Father,
We're brothers and sisters too.
If you love your neighbor truly
Love and peace will come to you."

Old Hymn, author unknown

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