Friday, January 22, 2010

"I'm mad as hell and I'm not going to take it anymore"

There has been so much to write about in the last few days that I thought my head would explode. But I have been too busy reading all the wonderful articles and posts from my sisters and brothers-in-arms have written. With each new article I find more grist for the mill. I thought about listing them but the list has gotten out of hand, there are so many really bright thinkers and the news has been exciting. I have always been easily distracted by shiny things.

I have never actually felt a ground swell before but I am sure that this must be how one feels. I was elated when I watched Lenox Lewis whip Mike Tyson like a rented mule but it didn't feel anything like this. The Scott Brown's victory has had more impact in 48 hours on the climate than the Goracle has had in his entire political life. Senator Brown's campaign battle cry was "We the People" and in his victory speech he said, "This is not a Republican win, this is a win for We the People, Republicans, Democrats and Independents."

From all that I can find out the Massachusetts Miracle came about as a result of Scott Brown campaigning as an American willing to fight for Americans and to oppose those that are treading on our Constitution. He overcame a 30 point defect to beat the Democrat opponent in a landslide victory. The victory was a stunning blow to the entrenched political machine. Martha Coakley was the "anointed" one to take the seat that had been held by the Dems. since 1955. Brown won in large part because of the over one million dollars a day that poured in to his campaign coffers from around the United States. This was largely through the efforts of the Tea Party Movement.

The first time I was able to vote was in the presidential election in 1960, I had just reached the legal age of 21. I voted the way my father voted and we both lost. Since that time, I have always voted for a third party candidate. (See post; "The Farce of the Two Party System") I have supported Third party candidates largely in protest of the "Good Cop, Bad Cop" paradigm, no matter which one you choose, you're busted. I am a libertarian because it is the only organized party that truly represents the views of our founding fathers, the authors of the Constitution.

Lately, I have had to scratch my head and re-evaluate my position on building a strong third party. My eldest son and I have had many spirited discussions on this topic with him advocating working within the system and I of course, strongly disagreed. But I can't ignore the effect the Tea Party Movement has had on the Massachusetts Election. They are not even an organized party nor have they fielded a single candidate and yet they have wielded enormous political power by helping to, in effect, derail the runaway train of the Socialist regime.

My initial reaction to the Tea Party Movement's demonstration of power was to cheer along with the rest. I reacted to their success by wishing that they would actually form a third party and pick some candidates and march on Washington and throw the bums out. Take a deep breath. I'm okay now. I wish to be response-able rather than reaction-ary.

This morning I read about the first big Tea Party Convention to be held in Nashville, TN. For a mere $500, plus travel and lodging, you too can be a part of this grass root movement. What are these people smoking? That's not grass roots, it's fast cats looking to cash in on a good thing. The very thing that has made the Tea Party Movement a success is that it was We the People and we were sick and tired of the terrible job that our elected representatives in Washington were doing. They were not protesting as Democrats or Republicans but as We the People. My fear is that if they become a third party, they will become the thing that we oppose.

I truly believe that the Tea Party Movement has enormous power and potential if we remember that ideas and ideals are more powerful that institutions and governments. I believe that the Massachusetts election demonstrates a good working model to be implemented in elections around the country. Not by fielding third party candidates but by supporting only candidates that have sworn to truly uphold the constitution, regardless of their party affiliation.

This is especially exciting because of all of the upcoming midterm Congressional elections as well as several key state gubernatorial races. The race for Governor in Texas is a thrilling example of an unknown candidate, Debra Medina is posing a serious challenge to the two very high profile establishment candidates. This year promises to be exciting.

Just imagine the effect that might have on the two parties. It might force them to remember that each and every one of them has sworn an oath to support the Constitution. They would all be put on notice that it is We the People that are who they represent and we expect them to keep their word. It might even cause the Democrat and the Republican Parties to start to clean house.

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