Tuesday, January 12, 2010

#13: State Schools

A few posts back, I started out to talk about confronting evil by observing and describing behavior and when that behavior is harmful or destructive, calling it by its real name. We, like the boiled frog, have been lulled into a complacent stupor by the so-called progressive folks. They have convinced us that it is Politically Incorrect to hold anyone accountable for their behavior or life choices. Posing as Liberals, these usurpers of liberty have seduced we the people into accepting the lie that mean and evil people are misunderstood hapless victims and just need a big hug.

This indoctrination starts in the state run school system by undermining any moral teaching the children may have been given at home. The seeds of corruption and doubt are planted in these impressionable tender young minds. The innocents of youth are being perverted by an evil ideology that there is no right or wrong and that everything is okay as long as you follow the rules. The defenseless and vulnerable children are the first causalities in the cultural war being waged by the evil ones who wish to rob us of Liberty.

We bemoan the fact that the history texts books have been revised and history has been re-written to the point where many High school graduates don't know the name of the first president of the United States. They are un-able to identify any of the faces on Mount Rushmore and can't find the United States on a Globe. Two of the most powerful unions in the U.S. are the teachers unions. The UFT, United Federation of Teachers and the AFT, the American Federation of Teachers have a strangle hold on the state schools, restricting the curriculum, protecting inept and unqualified teachers and pursuing their evil agenda of dumbing down America. So far they are a roaring success.

Our socialist president, Barak Hussein Obama has surrounded himself with a swarm of socialists scoundrels, but the worst would seem to be the evil rat bastards entrusted with the education of our children. Why on earth would you put the fox into the chicken house?

Secretary, Department of Education – Arne Duncan
Obama appointed Duncan due to his alleged success as CEO of Chicago’s public schools. However, in 2007, only 10% of black 4thgraders in Chicago reached the proficiency level in reading and for black 8th graders, only 9% reached reading proficiency. In math, only 8% of black students reached proficiency in 4th grade and just 6% reached proficiency in 8th grade. This was the disappointing outcome, despite spending $13-$14,000 per student and is among the highest of any major city. Even worse, a majority of Chicago public school students drop out or fail to graduate with their class. Needless to say, the Duncan era was a disaster. He did, however, pursue an aggressive agenda to promote the homosexual lifestyle in the schools. So Chicago kids can’t read or write, but they all know how to engage in homosexual sex. If anyone tells you Duncan is an “education reformer,” tell them you’re the tooth fairy.

Assistant Deputy Secretary, Department of Education – Kevin Jennings
Jennings is the founder of the Gay Lesbian and Straight Education Network (GLSEN), a group dedicated to promoting the homosexual agenda to school children as young as five. They’re sick people and even promote books that feature adult-child sex in a favorable way. Regardless,
Obama must have been impressed with Jennings, as he appointed him to carry out his perverted mission nationwide in his new role as head of the Department’s “Office of Safe & Drug Free Schools.”

The reality is that homosexuality is not safe; it takes years off the average lifespan of males. But for Obama, is not really about safety; it’s about keeping the homosexual community happy—after all, they helped elect him. Jennings has been in the press lately due to revelations that he gave encouraging advice to a boy who privately confessed to him he was having sex with an older man. And what was Jennings’s advice? Buy a condom. Parents, start monitoring what your schools are teaching your children. It’s going to get ugly.

This is your government, folks. This is the confederacy of dunces that we have sent to Washington, D.C. to run our country. What is it going to take to wake folks up? Is the frog already boiled? When will people start to realize that two party system has been a farce for decades. The political parties of our fathers are long gone and have been replaced by two evil gangs of thugs.

If you have any interest in helping to change this situation, Please check the link at the right side of this post. See: The Liberty Defense League and read what Chuck Baldwin has to say. And then take the little political test.

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