Friday, February 24, 2012

The farce of the two party system.

If you have been voting like your grandparents, then this is for you. How often have we voted for a candidate just because of the name at the top of the ballot only to be sadly disappointed in their performance in office? Have you ever noticed that no matter which party is in power, our government stays fundamentally the same. Our nation is going down the same failed path of much of Europe and our leaders continue to spend money we don't have. Our great-grand children will never see a debt free day.

The two Party system has become a farce. Neither party remotely resembles the party of a few decades ago. Both parties have been hijacked by powerful forces that seek power and control.
The GOP, while professing to uphold the Republic, is committed to mercantilism, or more bluntly, the stiffening of free trade by picking winners and losers and the Democrat party, behind a mask of progressivism is the sharp reality of Marxist socialism. Both ideologies are geared to gaining more political power and leaving We the People with less and less liberty to live our lives as we so choose.
A great working definition for insanity is to keep doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. We need to ask ourselves a few questions; "Would I really blindly vote for a yellow dog just because Grandpa would?"   
In the next election, the stakes for our state and for our nation are higher than ever before. It will be critically important that we vote intelligently. We need to put family political history aside and do our own homework and find out what principles each candidates values.
It should be quite simple, do they represent more or less regulations and taxes? Will they head us down the road to slavery or help to restore the Liberty that our grandfathers fought and died for?

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